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For any Emergency Damage by: Fire, Water, or Mold – Call: 855-633-5336

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  • Thermal Imaging

    Thermography has a long history, although its use has increased dramatically with the commercial and industrial applications of the past fifty years.  Firefighters use thermography to see through smoke, to find persons, and to localize the base of a fire. Maintenance technicians use thermography to locate overheating joints and sections of power lines, which are a sign of…

  • Mold Remediation

    For you to have a State Certified Mold Assessor whose training and field experience in building sciences, water damage and environmental risk assessment provides the customer with the proper experience necessary to evaluate if there is a problem. Hiring water damaged professionals which have certifications that are accredited by the State Of Florida assures that your project…

  • Fire & Smoke Repair and Restore

    While fire is always the immediate danger, once it is gone, what it leaves behind will continue to affect the house. Ash and smoke, if left unhindered, will cause extensive corrosion, etching and discoloration, not to mention lingering powerful odors. Professionals that clean fire and smoke damage can stop this before it becomes a major…

  • Water Damage Restoration

    We offer you the best in professional water damage. Our expert inspector has the special tools needed to determine water damage present or hidden. Thermal Imaging draws attention to the fact that a sequence of images is acquired making it possible to see the moisture as a picture. We use ultra sonic moisture-sensor probes to calculate the…

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