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When it comes to the insurance companies paying for the related damage; They sometimes overlook the hidden details…

…in order to reduce the pay out for their company which can leave you without the sufficient funds to return the dwelling to pre-loss condition. Water Damage Rescue Team experienced estimators will not let this happen: So don’t worry about your damages getting paid for. We work for you and the adjuster works for the insurance company.

Xactimate Estimating Program

Water Damage Rescue Team professionals use a program called Xactimate which is recognized as the most widely used damage estimating software in use by insurance companies and adjusters. Xactimate assists adjusters in measuring the quantity of materials needed to repair damage and estimate the value of damaged property by using pre loaded price lists.

  • Becoming efficient in Xactimate is essential in documentation and accurately to produce a scope of work for all damages occurred because of the water damages.
  • Insurance companies require their Adjusters to be able to use the Xactimate program to develop the scope of work for the loss occurred.
  • Water Damage Rescue Team estimators have the skill set necessary to quickly evaluate, and develop an accurate estimate using Xactimate.
  • After completing the assessment of the damages they have the experience to properly enter an estimate using the Xactimate program. From the initial administrative setup to sketching your claim, you will know that the damages occurred in any situation will be expertly handled.

Water Damage Rescue Team Estimators

  • Properly set-up each claim
  • Provide all Dimension Rooms/ Enter Line Items
  • Provide Scope of work and Pictures
  • Provide Sketch Roofs, Rooms, etc.
  • Submit completed estimates to Insurance Agencies

 Even if you are not working with an insurance company, we will provide standard industry pricing for the services you need.

Water Damage Rescue team will help you with 24 Hours emergency response, emergency plumbing services and pipe burst repair Leak detection using cutting edge technologies, removal of property & storage services, water extraction, assessing flood damage, drying and dehumidifying flooded areas, deodorizing, mildew and odor control, complete property restoration and direct insurance billing.

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