Mold Remediation

Moldfrom the EPA environmental protection agency:

You having a ‘State Certified Mold Assessor’ whose training and field experience in building sciences, water damage and environmental risk assessment provides you with the proper help and experience necessary to evaluate if there is a problem.

Hiring water damaged professionals which have certifications that are accredited by the State Of Florida assures that your project is being taken care of properly.

Our mold expert can identify the causes of poor indoor air quality even when problems are not related to water damage or unrelated to visible causes. Our professionals are trained to see a building in general with numbers of inter-related systems contributing to overall operation and the possible health effects if might have on some individuals. Our professionals must be able to gather and interpret data from humidity readings, temperature readings, and lab readings from air samples taken and submitted for evaluation to an accredited lab for analysis.

Water Damage And Fungi Growth

Promptly dealing with water intrusion into a building is critical. It is important to note that fungi can begin to colonize these materials in 24-48 hr. Fungi can thrive on any cellulose material if it is wet, including carpet, wallboard, lumber, insulation.

Black Mold

It should be noted that the idea that all mold health issues are caused only by black mold is false. Studies have found that there is sufficient evidence to support indoor mold and dampness and health concerns such as upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough and wheezing. Certain types of molds are capable of producing the above noted symptoms.

Protocol Plan Of Action

If our State licensed mold Assessor finds that your building has fungal growth and that it is significant enough to require remediation, Our qualified indoor professional will develop a protocol (Plan Of Action) scope of work for the remediation work to be performed.

Please remember that an improperly performed remediation may make conditions worse and could cost you thousands of dollars. Decisions concerning what procedures are warranted and assuring that procedures are properly followed to complete the project successfully. The state of Florida requires you to have a 3rd party complete the inspection of the remediation and a clearance certificate issued.

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