Water Damage Clean up

water_damage_cleanup_west_palm_beachIt is often the case that when our crews are performing the water damage restoration we must work with and around the contents of the home.

Furniture, electronics, books, and any other materials that may have been affected by the water damage. The moving around of the contents (“contents manipulation.”) to a dry area or offsite storage will be determined by our professional staff. Damaged contents may simply be unsalvageable; in this case contents would be removed and disposed of. Due to the effects of water damage contents may also require treatment. This may include, sterilization, sanitization, deodorization, drying, and storing of said contents.

Locating the Water Source

Before Water Damage Rescue Team gets there the first thing that you should do is find where the water damage is coming from. If you’ve left a faucet on or have had hard rains that have filled your basement with water, it’s pretty easy to figure out. If you are not able to find the actual source of the water, you may have a pipe that has burst. You want to stop additional water from entering your home as soon as possible. If you have a bust pipe, turn off the water supply to your home,

Professional Equipment

Before you know our professional water damage rescue team will be on site and ready to go into action to mitigate the damages caused to your home The use of fans, dehumidifiers and Dri-Eaz rescue mats from the interior of the home or business or below the floor system (crawl space, if possible) may be all that is necessary to remove the damage. Water Damage Rescue Team crews use only the best dry out equipment on your floors walls and ceilings ensuring that the end result doesn’t harm your valuable investment.

Desiccant Dehumidification

Fast Drying Action (Desiccant Dehumidification) makes it possible for our restoration company to add the ultra-low grain performance with real water removal capacity that few of our competitors rival .and pulls 116 pints at AHAM (80°/60%RH). It provides enough drying power to dry up to 1,000 square feet of space with a single unit! Best of all, the it works of a standard 115V circuit


Once the water is extracted and the fans and dehumidifiers are working Water Damage Rescue Team will inventory any content that is damaged and pick up any papers, books, photos, etc. If they are not valuable and are heavily damaged, they can be thrown away. You can make photocopies of most paperwork and then throw it away. If valuables have been damaged, we can make arrangements for them to be freeze dried to see if they can be saved. Our professional team can clean all surfaces in the area with water damage and all contents not heavily damaged

Water Damaged Drywall Damage

If you have drywall damage as a result of the water, Water Damage Rescue Team will have to inspect the area to see if it needs to be removed and repaired As a general rule, and fast action you can probably dry it by removing the base trim and the use of air axel fans strategically placed as long as it hasn’t swelled and the seams are still intact. If there is swelling or the drywall seams have separated, we will need to replace the damaged area

Water Damaged Ceiling Tiles

If you have ceiling tiles, as are common in many basements and they have been damaged by water, we will need to dispose of them and replace them.

Professionally Drying, Deodorizing and Disinfecting

Professionally drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water, we help minimize water damage to walls, hardwood floors, carpeting walls and ceilings. Water Damage Rescue Team are a full service water damage and restoration company offering all our experience in Inventory documentation, Cleaning contents, Packing contents, Moving contents, and complete remodeling and build-back Water Damage Rescue Team crews are equipped with the most updated effective equipment to date to help find and stop the water source and stop the damages The water extraction and structural drying process must also be completed correctly the first time, since failure to do so will only result in more serious problems such as mold down the road.


It’s Important to have a professional water damage restoration company to perform these services since there are defining criteria and methods to be used for assessing water damage and establishing restoration procedures. Using a professional water damage restoration company can save you hundreds and possible thousands of dollars and reduce the risk of long term damage that could happen in the future like mold.

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