Flood Damage Restoration

flood_damage_repair_west_palm_beachWater can have a damaging effect on your property and personal belongings.

Wether it’s brought on by natural disasters, a burst pipe, or an accident caused by simple human carelessness. Our Water Damage experts will immediately respond to any water damage emergency situation and develop a plan tailored to your specific restoration needs.

Water Removal and Extraction

Immediate action extracting the water is the key with our professional equipment and knowledge to remove standing water and to extract water from carpet, floors, and walls. The longer water sits in walls, ceilings and floors, the more structural damage can occur.

Storage and Personal Belongings

We can pack up and remove your personal belongings and furniture from the affected areas so that they will not be damaged by the water.
Dehumidification and Drying We work fast to dry out your home to help prevent mold from getting the chance to grow. After the water has been extracted, the flooded areas need to be dehumidified and dried out Cleaning/Sanitizing and Deodorizing Services We use non toxic plant based biocides to thoroughly clean and sanitize the damaged areas as well as to deodorize them.
Restoration of Floors, Ceilings, Walls, etc. We are Florida State Certified General Contractors and a Professional Restoration Company certified to rebuild or repair any damage caused by the water damage.

Mold Removal

We are State Licensed Mold Assessors and Mold Remediators and follow the standards and procedures necessary to make your home safe again.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Rescue Team professional technicians can identify the category of the water damage occurred (Grey water /Black water) and will take all necessary precautions to protect you and your property.

Work with all Major Insurance Companies

Water Damage Rescue Team we work for you and not the insurance company Our professionals are certified in assessments and restoration of water damage. Water Damage Rescue Team responds quickly to your water damage emergency calls. We have the proper equipment available to handle any type of water damage.

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Call: 855-633-5663

!!!For Immediate Attention to your crisis...
CALL the Water Damage Rescue Team.
After experiencing fire damage. After experiencing flooding. Upon discovering mold. Water Damage Rescue Team is at your service 24/7.

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