Water Damage Inside Walls

water_damage_inside_walls_west_palm_beach home_water_damage_west_palm_beachInspection and Leak Detection

Our professional water damage expert inspector has the special tools needed to determine water damage present or hidden.

Thermal Imaging draws attention to the fact that a sequence of images is acquired making it possible to see the moisture as a picture We use ultra sonic moisture-sensor probes to calculate the level of water damage you may have behind walls. Mold on walls can be a sign of moisture and may pose a risk of serious health problems. In cases of mold, walls should be replaced immediately. If your home has suffered water damage in the past from flooding or fire, it is important to determine whether you have underlying water behind your walls. There are other causes of water damage as well, including broken pipes, aquariums; drain leaks roof leaks, toilet leaks just to name a few. Water damage can cause serious health problems and pose risks for home or building occupants. For these reasons, it is important to have Water Damage Rescue Team experienced professional with the proper tools to assess and evaluate the damages


This is done by observation. Looking for peeling paint, deteriorated siding, rotted window sills, rotted window/door trim, brick/stone/mortar damage, plaster damage, wallpaper peeling and mold on and/or behind wallpaper. Leaks can be detected using Thermal Imaging which draws attention to the fact that a sequence of images is acquired making it possible to see the moisture as a picture and also Ultra -sonic moisture meters and noninvasive moisture testing. This method detects leaks quickly and does not require removing drywall. Ultra – sonic moisture meters can locate moisture 3″ behind the walls. Special equipment is necessary, but the cost of this equipment can run in the thousands of dollars.

Water and Moisture Survey

Locating water leaks with the proper equipment can be easy. In a typical household plumbing system, the water is about 50 psi of pressure so when a pipe leaks usually the force of water will let you know where the water is coming from even if is behind the walls. The part that’s not so easy is trying to find out where the water leak originated and coming from so even if you see the water not all times it’s coming from directly behind the wall of ceiling. Water Damage Rescue Team expert will survey the walls in order to tell you exactly where the leak is without doing any damage to your wall. Then, once our water damage professional knows exactly where the leak is, we can repair it on site with minimal damage to your property.

Time is of the essence. Call now act immediately reduce the damages.

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